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The Art of the Stage Performer: Secrets of Presenting Yourself to an Audience

For comics, double acts, magicians, speciality acts, public speakers, potential stand up comics, performers of all types


Ever wonder why your act doesn’t go as well as it should? Now there is a golden opportunity to get at least some of the answers from seasoned performer Freddie Davies.

In the days of Variety, performers learnt their craft from doing it twice nightly. Afterwards came the era of working men’s clubs, cabaret clubs and theatre summer seasons. Now, with these venues all but gone,the opportunity to gain experience is mostly limited to small comedy clubs - and the stagecraft absorbed by earlier generations has not been passed on.

Yet this knowledge is needed more than ever. With the expansion of cruise ship work and arts festivals there are increasing opportunities to bring acts to newer audiences. But a good professional act does not happen by chance. It needs to be structured in order to seem effortless and second nature.

Freddie Davies  offers a rare chance to learn the stagecraft required to present yourself effectively to an audience, from a man who has been doing it all his life. Freddie Davies (aka "Parrotface") grew up in the Variety era. He comes from a showbiz family, and has enormous knowledge of his craft acquired from both sides of the footlights. A nationally known comedian in the 60s through to the 80s, he formed his own production company in 1982, producing some of the best summer shows and pantomimes in the U.K. as well as managing several comedians and producing acts. His stories about his comedian grandfather inspired the cult film Funny Bones starring Jerry Lewis, in which Freddie appeared as a double act with George Carl.

Freddie’s first WORKSHOP in Manchester was oversubscribed and, with Q&A, ran for over two hours. Magician Quentin Reynolds said of an earlier talk: "I implemented one thing Freddie said that got me a standing ovation at The Magic Circle in London. And that was simply using one of the many techniques he taught and demonstrated."

Jez Mansfield says of the Manchester masterclass:  Freddie Davies put everything into perspective. My first performance after this class was vastly improved and incredibly well received. Everything Freddie taught, did the magic. The stage skills I picked up are beyond anything most performers are aware of today. 

David Benson (stage performer with his own show) says of the London Workshop: "But there was much that you said that invited me to consider the familiar from a different angle and sometimes shook me out of my complacency altogether.   I sensed, to all in the room. It was like a revelation: something I kind-of knew and have observed with wonder many times from an audience"

Whether you are a comic, a double act, a magician, an impressionist, a vent or a stage hypnotist - in fact, if you ever have to stand up and talk directly to an audience - then don't miss the chance to this unique day in which Freddie reveals many of the tips, techniques, tactics and strategies used by world-class professionals. Any one of them could elevate you to the next level.


Date:   Friday 12th May

The Red Lion  Function Suite

Upper Poppleton


YO26 6PR

01904 781141 (for accommodation rates)


The workshop has limited capacity so please ensure that you book early to avoid disappointment

any enquiries please contact

01423 325031

Price includes welcome breakfast Bacon sandwich, coffee from  10.00. am

all session tea and coffee breaks.  



£65.00 inclusive


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