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Freddie Davies acclaimed biography with Anthony Teague

by Scratching Shed Publishing


Funny Bones  My life in Comedy

In 1964 a single appearance on TV talent show Opportunity Knocks made "Parrotface" comedian Freddie Davies famous overnight. Spectacular success followed, working with stars such as Judy Garland and Cliff Richard. Even Cary Grant was a fan ...

But when it all began to slip in the eighties Freddie reinvented himself in order to stay in the business he loved. He became a producer, coping with the tantrums and egos of performers like Russ Conway. Then a business disaster forced him to start all over again, and he took to the high seas on cruise ships with an entirely new act for American audiences.

Returning to the UK, Freddie forged yet another career, this time as an actor, appearing to great acclaim in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of The Secret Garden and cult film Funny Bones, based on tales of Freddie's grandfather, comedian Jack Herbert. And now Freddie has come full circle, delighting audiences once again with Samuel Tweet in theatres up and down the country.

Fifty years on from his television debut, Freddie finally tells his own story, revealing for the first time the tragedy behind his early days in Salford and the family secret which later rocked his world. He also takes us behind the scenes at Butlins, where he worked with fellow Redcoat Dave Allen, and paints a vivid and hilarious picture of his gruelling apprenticeship in the Northern clubs - and the night "Parrotface" first spluttered into life.

A poignant and hilarious evocation of a vanished world, with unique insights into the art of stand-up, Funny Bones is a richly nostalgic treat for comedy connoisseurs. It is also a heartwarming tribute to Freddie's grandad, forgotten variety comedian Jack Herbert, the man who ignited the passion for comedy which would drive the amazing career of the unique Freddie Davies. 

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